Introducing WeGuide by Curve

Healthcare Data Collection Made Easy

Curve is proud to announce the launch of its first standalone product - WeGuide. 

With a decade of successful projects behind us, Curve’s knowledge has distilled into a product that’s focused on improving patient engagement, gathering high quality patient data, and improving the operational efficiency of healthcare organisations.

The Problem

Throughout the Australian healthcare system, thousands of patient data points are collected every day. 

Often this is completed manually - with pen and paper - and filed away by the doctor or hospital, never to be referred to again unless that patient visits again.

This data includes everything from how the patient is feeling, their quality of life and improvements in their condition (known as Patient Reported Outcome Measures, or PROMS).

This data also extends to experiences, such as how easy they found the hospital booking system, were they greeted at reception or their doctor’s bedside manner (known as Patient Reported Experience Measures, or PREMs).

Every other industry that we interact with as consumers is collecting this data successfully and improving constantly as a result, but the same technology has not been successfully applied to the healthcare system.

Similarly, ‘customer engagement’ with the healthcare system is low. Navigating the various systems, getting forms completed on time and having patients turn up on time to the right venue can often be difficult.

Completion rates are low, cancelled appointments common and completing documents while sitting with a medical practitioner is time consuming and costly. 

Without a way to efficiently collect and manage this patient data, clinicians miss valuable opportunities to provide better informed clinical care. 

Healthcare organisations lack valuable data that can improve their efficiency, through reducing things such as no-show appointments, cancelled surgeries and re-admissions - all of which cost the healthcare sector billions of dollars in misplaced resources every year.

The Solution

WeGuide started through solving a simple problem - how does a healthcare organisation gather better quality data from it’s patients in a safe, secure and effective way? 

More and more clients were asking us to solve the same problem. In mid 2018, Curve's Head of Product, Thijs Sondag, saw an opportunity to create a modular product, to save our clients money and leverage the experience we were developing. 

Initially the focus was on the research sector, but soon Thijs and colleague Sandy Buchanan saw that this product could revolutionise the way Patient Reported Measures are managed and how well patients engage with the healthcare system. This in turn could lead to high quality data that could greatly improve operational efficiency.

Any technology that was created had to;

  • Be easy to use for both patient and doctor
  • Have flexibility, to be customisable to any healthcare sector
  • Implement evidence based ideas
  • Enhance clinician-patient communication
  • Improve the quality of care and clinical practice
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Guide safe and effective healthcare

Ultimately, having patients involved and engaged in their own care leads to better outcomes and experience - and healthier patients. 
Once the idea and problem were well defined, Curve got to work on developing the product. This process involves user journey mapping, empathy mapping, prototyping, and design. 

Once the idea and problem were well defined, Curve got to work on developing the product. This process involves user journey mapping, empathy mapping, prototyping, and design. 

WeGuide was developed internally for over a year, but received a boost forward by being selected for the CivVic Labs Accelerator, a government led initiative sponsored by LaunchVic and Better Care Victoria. 

The challenge of the bootcamp was for a startup to develop a digital solution that can capture and report PRMs to improve healthcare delivery with Western Health - a network of 3 major hospitals in Victoria that is set to be the catchment for 1,000,000 Victorian patients by 2020.

After a successful trial with Western Health, where WeGuide improved the survey response rate from 30% to 80% and had a patient experience rating of 92%, WeGuide is rolling out to 4 more departments across Western Health in April next year and starting a second pilot site at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

WeGuide is also moving into the clinical trials space, and are set to commence work with our first US based partner, DFDiscover, early next year.

The Product

WeGuide has now been refined to a final product that increases patient engagement, increases collection of Patient Reported Measures, saves hospitals money and improves the patient experience.

Key features include;

  • Appointment reminders
  • Surgery preparation
  • Multi language functionality
  • Wearable integrations
  • Transparent communication

Curve's Head of Product, Thijs Sondag, is confident this tool will drastically change outcomes for those that include it in their practices. 

“The biggest difference with WeGuide is that everything we use scientifically validated, evidence based behaviour techniques to get high levels of completion and engagement,” says Thijs. 

When it comes to patient engagement, some of these techniques include; 

  • Setting notifications at a time that suits the patient (eg. remind me to take my medication at 8pm)
  • Using authority to encourage the right behaviours (eg. Using the doctor’s name and image on a reminder to complete a questionnaire before attending a specialist appointment
  • Adherence buddies (accountability).

The measures of success we set for the pilot program show that WeGuide is achieving more than Curve ever expected. 

WeGuide has achieved;

  • Questionnaire Completion rate of 80% (previous 20 - 30%). 
  • Patient satisfaction 4.6/5 of using the app
  • Project delivered to budget, delivered on time, and on scope

After a very exciting 2019, WeGuide is on a running start into 2020 with a grand vision to revolutionise the patient experience in healthcare, all the while saving health organisations valuable resources.

A win-win that we believe will deliver better health outcomes across Australia, and hopefully the world.

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