The Recruitment Process at Curve

Finding new teammates who have a strong passion for creating change is vital for us. If we get the right people in (you have the skills that pay the bills and a great attitude to match our team), then we can achieve anything. Here’s the process, and why we do each step.

CV Screening

We spend a fair bit of time checking your CV to make sure you've got some key areas covered. But we know a CV doesn't tell us everything about someone.

Casual Interview

You'll be paired up with someone from the team you are looking to join. They'll get to know more about your past experience, but mostly about what you're like as a person! We want to know what you're passionate about, what you do for fun, what gets you out of bed in the morning.

Technical Interview / Scenario Round

So we like you, but we need to make sure you've got the skills as well. We would love to hire every nice person we meet, but we are here to make big change in the world, so we need your skills to be top notch, or at least you're able to get them there!

Behavioural Interview

It's one thing to have the code or the technical side perfect, but here we dig into your experience into things like conflict, learning complex topics, problem solving and teamwork. We've got some specific questions we ask but it's no trick or test, we just want to get to know the real you.

Psychometric Testing

Ok things are going great. We're pretty confident you're the one. The testing helps us understand your areas of development, so we can build out some training plans and understand your strengths.

Meet the Team

Everyone is pretty keen on you, but our team get a say too! A few team members will jump on a call with you to get to know you. It's your chance to ask the team questions without a director or manager around.

We Make An Offer

We want you on board and we hope you want us too. If you're not convinced - talk to us. We might have missed something or have more to talk about. Call up whoever you've been dealing with and chat about it. If we are this far down the track we really want you so please be open with us.

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