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About us

Our mission is to impact 1 billion lives through transformative health technology solutions
The best team

Who we are?

Way back in 2009 we started our journey to be the leading digital healthcare agency in Australia, and we’ve been on track ever since. We’re passionate about making a difference, by bringing technology and healthcare together to improve people’s lives.
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We think big!

We think big! Our ambition is to improve the lives of 1 billion people around the world.
We’ve already helped over 600,000 - and counting!
The best clients

We work with the best!

We work with leading researchers, institutions and organisations. Our partners include the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Australian Football League, Telethon Health and Monash University among many other shining stars.
We were also appointed to the Government of Victoria Innovation Panel in 2016.
The best innovations

We design with innovation!

The best story

The Curve Story

Curve was started when five uni students, all studying together at Melbourne University - and all immigrants - realised they wanted to more than just live in the world.

They wanted to change it for the better.

And so - Curve was born.

Watch the video to hear the inspiring story from CEO and Co-founder, Mohinder Jaimangal, about how Curve was born in a robotics lab in Melbourne.