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Our mission is to combine creativity and technology to impact and transform #1billionlives through extraordinary digital healthcare solutions.

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We’re not your average technology company. We’re experts in health, here to curve the trajectory of tomorrow - one person at a time.

We pride ourselves on building the best healthcare technology in the market. And that’s why, for 10+ years now, we’ve been winning awards, citations and successfully commercialising digital healthcare solutions.

About Curve

We are a digital health technology company that specialises in solving complex healthcare problems with innovative and seamless technology solutions.
Whether that’s helping to diagnose and treat kids for concussion, assisting non-English speaking patients to talk to their nurses or using an AI algorithm to predict hospital readmissions - no matter the platform, patient, technology or device, we thrive on finding ways to enable better healthcare through the use of digital technologies.
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Our team has expertise in bringing technology innovations into your digital healthcare platform to create real impact.
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Our Services

We’re here to help you make waves by transforming how you deliver exceptional healthcare through meaningful digital experiences.
For Healthcare Providers
Identify opportunities with innovation workshops & audits
Build digital products to improve quality, efficiency and patient care
Integrate digital products into secure hospital infrastructure and workflows
Commercialise your ideas & solutions
Validate the user need for your digital health product idea
Build digital products to engage users & increase adherence, safely store data and avoid data errors
Translate your research into a sustainable product with business modelling
Contribute & input towards your grant submission for philanthropic and government programs, including NHMRC.
For Clinical Innovators
Understand your users and their health journey
Build your product feature set with medical grade security and compliance
Develop your business strategy for a commercial return
Pitch your prototype to funders and investors

Our Recent Work

With expertise ranging from hospital efficiency and research study apps, data collection & analysis tools, all the way through to building entire custom platforms - we pride ourselves on translating your ideas into solutions that really work.

Concussion Detection
and Recovery

‍Experts from Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI), the AFL and Curve have teamed up to create HeadCheck.
HeadCheck helps parents, coaches and first aiders recognise the signs of concussion to determine whether medical attention is required.
The app also includes a recovery guide to help parents manage the child’s safe return to their school or sport. The app has now been licensed by the AFL as their concussion management tool.

Student Virtual
Training Platform

VirtualU is an online training platform for health professionals that makes simulation training easy, accessible and immersive by using virtual reality.
We worked alongside Swinburne University, Holmesglen and the Royal Children's Hospital to develop a digital platform to enable any institution to build a 360° VR training module and share it with their students.
VirtualU reduces the costs of simulation training by 70-85% per actively participating student.

Smart Bookings for People who are Deaf

Working with Expression Australia and Deaf Services Queensland, Curve co-designed and built a custom platform for just-in-time personnel management software for the deaf community in Australia.
This system allows organisations and deaf clients to request interpreters and booking officers to efficiently assign an interpreter.
Now the Deaf community has on-demand access to the tools they need to communicate at their fingertips when they need it.

Social Disorder
Diagnosis Tool

PEERS is an iPad app that identifies the early signs of social disorders in children and adolescents.
Funded by the NHMRC Development Grant program, we developed the first ever digital objective assessment tool for health professionals to accurately assess social problems in children and adolescents.
Through an engaging app, PEERS facilitates the early diagnosis and intervention for autism spectrum and social communication disorders.
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Our Partners

Over 10+ years we’ve built over 300+ digital health products with the top hospitals, research institutes, universities, public and private health organisations and entrepreneurs operating in the healthcare industry.

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