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National Ageing Research Institute

My Enjoy Health

The My Enjoy Health app teaches seniors how to use senior exercise parks in Victoria through a series of instructions and how-to videos for each exercise station.


Faced with the stark reality that merely 25% of older Australians meet recommended physical activity guidelines, My Enjoy App confronts the growing challenge of increased sedentary behavior and physical inactivity among seniors. This critical issue demanded a solution to encourage and facilitate higher levels of physical activity for this demographic.


To address these challenges, we embraced the Curve Way process, incorporating Design Thinking for user-centric Product Design and Agile Development for rapid Product Development. Engaging with the target audience during the Design Thinking phase allowed us to identify needs, prototype concepts, and seamlessly integrate them into our swift Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The collaboration with NARI resulted in My Enjoy App, providing seniors with a user-friendly platform to familiarize themselves with Seniors Exercise Park equipment safely. The app features expert-designed programs, workouts, exercises, and video resources, offering a comprehensive solution to combat sedentary behavior and enhance the overall well-being of older individuals based on research-backed evidence.

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The Results

Post-launch, My Enjoy App witnessed a significant increase in user engagement, with a notable uptick in the adoption of Seniors Exercise Park outdoor equipment. User feedback and usage data showcased a positive impact on physical activity levels among seniors, with many reporting improved well-being, increased social interaction, and adherence to recommended exercise guidelines. The app's expert-designed programs and resources played a pivotal role in achieving these positive outcomes, solidifying My Enjoy App as a successful and effective tool in promoting active aging and overall health among older individuals.