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HeadCheck helps parents, coaches and first aiders recognise the signs of concussion to determine whether medical attention is required.

The client came to Curve for our extensive experience in translating research into the real-world with the following critical research statements:

● Most people don’t know when to seek medical attention following a head injury.

● Some rush to the emergency department with no symptoms, whereas others are visibly unwell and delay medical attention for days.

Curve was requested to identify possible solutions and develop the chosen solution via a co-design process.


● The HeadCheck mobile application was co-designed and developed with clinicians, researchers and the community.

● Curve applied globally recognised best-practice and the latest research findings  for managing and identifying concussions.

● HeadCheck guides any adult, from parents,teachers, and first aiders recognise the signs of concussion to decide the level of medical attention quickly.

● Exclusive to HeadCheck, the app provides a personalised self-guided recovery plan following an incident. Based on the symptoms and progress, HeadCheck will tailor information and suggest actions to get back to work, study and physical activity at the right pace for the individual.

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The results

Over 60,000 users across Australia with thousands of logged concussions. HeadCheck is the recommended concussion tool for all AFL amateur and junior leagues, Judo Australia and Cycling Australia. Recently won $3 million in research grant funding to enhance the concussion management.