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The Curve Tomorrow Origin Story

Curve CEO and Co-founder, Mohinder Jaimangal discusses how Curve came to be and why him and four mates decide they wanted to change the healthcare game for good.

Curve was started when five uni students, all studying together at Melbourne University - and all the sons of immigrants - realised they wanted to more than just live in the world.

They wanted to change it for the better.

And so - Curve was born.

Watch the video to hear the inspiring story from CEO and Co-founder, Mohinder Jaimangal, about how Curve was born in a robotics lab in Melbourne.


Being the son of immigrants. I've grown up living in a world in Melbourne, where you get everything given to you

in terms of healthcare, education, stable government, but knowing that I come from a country that doesn't have that,

and it's somewhat poor, and opportunities aren't as available as they are here in Australia.

As I grew up and went to uni, so I studied Mechatronics at Melbourne Uni, with a few friends there, we started really talking about the world because

we'd all come from different places around the world, very similar stories.

And so, you know, a lot of our discussion would be around back home, or the places that our families are from, and the different opportunities

that you get and the different inequities that we have across the world.

And that really started planting the seed of, hey, this question of why does the world exist this way, started moving towards of, hey, what can we do about this problem?

So it went from a wire to a how, and so going through uni, graduating and then going into industry, and working in industry and meeting great people,

I started thinking about how do I take the great people that we have in industry in Melbourne, and some of the people that I worked with internationally and use that energy and

that intellect towards solving problems that could help with that inequity in the world? And that was the starting of the seeds of Curve tomorrow growing.

So it started from a why to a how to Okay, when when am I going to do this?

For us, we got our foot in the door at the Royal Children's Hospital and Murdoch Children's Research Institute to come in and talk about,

here's some technology trends that are coming up and he's some of the great research that you're doing in the medical world.

How do we combine the two to produce something that could benefit not only the research community

in the medical community, but for the general community within Australia?

And our thought was, if we could benefit the Australian community, then how can we take that to the rest of the world, given that we're making digital products.

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