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How we’re striving to be a #BetterBusiness

Why did we get B-Corp certified and what does it mean for us to be a ‘for purpose’ social enterprise? Curve’s Head of Operations, Rachel Burke explains!

In August 2020 the Curve team proudly announced its certification as a registered B Corporation.

We were certified by B Lab as having met rigorous social and environmental standards which represent its commitment to goals outside of shareholder profit.

But what does this actually mean for us in practice? And why did we even do it? 

Our greater purpose

Curve is proud of being a ‘for purpose’ social enterprise. 

We saw the B-Corp certification as a way to measure and track ourselves against strict criteria to identify ways to improve further and continue our focus on improving lives. 

Being a B-Corp also captures not just the focused impact of our digital health products, but the wider impact our company has - from how our team are supported to our environmental impact. We saw it as an all encompassing measure of the good we can do in the world.

Our big impact 

Curve has the ambitious target of impacting 1 billion lives through digital health products. 

This is a lofty goal, but not impossible - the beauty of technology means we can reach an exponential number of people as we continue to grow.

This is our key performance metric alongside profit, which is reinvested to continually fuel growth. We track it monthly and have big targets each year. 

We define an ‘impacted life’ as anyone who uses a service we’ve built, designed or maintained - for example a parent who uses our concussion assessment tool, Headcheck, to help identify if their child has suffered a concussion.

Our higher standards 

In addition to the direct impact our products have, we also believe each person we come into contact with should be bettered through their interaction with Curve.

This includes our global team being included and treated equitably, our partners achieving their goals through digital health collaborations and everyone in between that interacts with Curve.

Our ‘Curve Well’ program is a great example of how we prioritise the mental and spiritual wellbeing of our team. The program is designed to ensure our staff take at least 2 hours out of their paid, working week to refuel their energy in whatever helps them feel their best. Whether that's a hike in nature, a workout, meditation, journaling, stretching, gardening or even just walking the dog! 

Better Together

We truly believe that we’re better when we work together - which is why we love partnering with like-minded organisations in the healthcare space, always with the goal of ensuring that each product and partnership will have a meaningful and lasting impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

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