Using Neural Networks in Healthcare

Beth Caniglia
July 16, 2021
7 Min watch
Product Engineer, Cliff, outlines how neural networks are currently being used in healthcare to help analyse retinal OCT images

Cliff, one of our Product Engineers, routinely works with coders, clinicians and clients to help create beautiful solutions for some of healthcare's greatest challenges.

But most recently, he's been kicking goals with RMIT STEM College, who approached us to do a case study on Cliff’s work integrating Machine Learning in retinal scan analysis for Dr Devinder Chauhan's Macuject.

Macuject is a Melbourne-based Medtech startup that aims to prevent blindness in 2.5 million people a year by guiding doctors and patients to personalised treatment strategies throughout their life-long eye injection journey.

Cliff's work will be part of a STEM-related industries course, shown to over 6,000 students in the near future!

Thanks go to the following team making this all possible: Professor Aleks Subic, Professor Angela Carbone, Dr Suneeti Rekhari, Simon Gibson, Yolanda Rios and RMIT STEM College.

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