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How we plan to improve #1billionlives

Our goal to impact 1 billion lives might sound ambitious, or even far-fetched - but our purpose led mission is one we’re incredibly serious about. Curve director, Sanji, explains the how, when and why we plan to get there.

We know what you’re probably thinking about our mission to transform #1billionlives  - that we’re just another tech company making a wild promise that we probably have no intention of keeping.

And it’s easy to see why - changing 1 billion lives sounds ambitious. Overly so - even seasoned Silicon Valley companies might hesitate to commit to numbers like that.

But the thing is, our ambition is by design. We’re aiming this high for a reason.

Let us tell you a little bit about what #1billionlives really means - and how we’re tracking ourselves every quarter to ensure we meet our audacious goal.

1 big promise

The most commonly tracked metric in business is, of course, profit. For good reason - without it, it’s not possible to run a sustainable organisation!

What we identified early on in the Curve journey, was that without purpose, profit felt somewhat meaningless.

Upon coming to this realisation, our company's purpose shifted - and ever since it has been to build technology that is truly helping people and assisting their lives to be better - especially people in need.

And so, changing ‘1 billion lives’ became our north star.

In order for this to become sustainable though, we knew we had to convert our mission into tangible action and measurable outcomes.

Accountable to the last life

We take our mission seriously - as seriously as profits.

Every year, we review two key metrics:

  • Profit - to keep us sustainably running our business; and
  • Impact - our mission to change 1 billion lives.

In this way, our quarterly KPI’s, our strategy and our company targets are all centred around tracking the lives improved by our work. 

1 billion lives is the foundational concept that drives the projects we choose to work on. 

What does that mean?

We don’t take on projects that won’t improve lives

It also means that we have an impact register which counts the number of lives affected by every product we build.

Walking the talk

To date (as of Q2 20/21) we’ve counted over 202,000 lives impacted with no signs of slowing down.

We plan to hit our ultimate goal by 2040, so of course we have a roadmap to achieving that.

Based on our current pipeline and planned projects, by the end of financial year 2024, we expect to have improved over 917,000 lives. Beyond that, we also have targets laid out every year for the next 25 years to help us get to the 1 billion mark. 

We expect to have 2-3 profitable & commercialised products that will be critical in helping us to carry out our mission.

Why change lives at all?

You might be wondering why we are doing any of this. 

For our founders and team, it’s as simple as feeling a sense of responsibility to positively contribute to making the world a better place through our work.

Do you have questions about how we’re planning to change 1 billion lives? Get in touch with us below!

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