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You might know that digital technology could revolutionise the work you’re doing but, but finding the right way to strategically, cost-effectively and securely create the technology you need is no small feat - which is where we come in.

Having worked with hundreds of clinicians just like you over the last 10+ years, we know how to build innovative digital health products from concept to commercialisation.

We can help you craft and execute a digital product strategy - from designing and validating your concept, all the way through to building market-leading technology and taking it to market.
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You need leaders in healthcare innovation
There are lots of technology companies who say they can help - but do they really understand the intricacies of the healthcare industry? The importance of clinical governance and thorough patient testing? We aren’t just saying we do - we’ve been exclusively servicing the healthcare industry for 10+ years.
You need technology experts
The technology you choose matters - but that’s what we’re best at figuring out. We won’t waste your time with buzzwords and jargon. Instead, we’ll help you understand the requirements, costs and information to build your ideal digital healthcare solution and help to identify what technology is the best to help you achieve your goals.
You need security guaranteed
We understand the importance of data security and integrity, especially in an industry that deals with such sensitive patient information. That’s why we develop our apps using only the most up to date security practices available.
You need flexibility
10 years experience has shown us that plans can change - that’s why we build all our digital healthcare products with room for flexibility. We build utilising Lean and Agile methodologies that have been created specifically for the digital health sector. We call it the Curve Way.
You need transparency
We know how important it is to identify the most important aspects of your digital project and allocate resources and budgets strategically. We can help you receive grant funding, build towards commercialisation and help you save money by identifying the best solution through cost-effective testing and constant iteration.
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the long game
You don’t just want to build a healthcare solution and call it a day - you want to transform some important aspect of the healthcare industry! That’s why we work alongside you to build a
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Our work

AllergyPal helps parents share allergy plans and manage their child's allergy information such as their current ASCIA Action Plan
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Baby Moves
Baby Moves enables families an accurate and easy to use tool to record the movements of their baby who may be at risk of developing cerebral palsy.
Find out more
HeadCheck helps parents, coached and first aiders recognise the signs of concussion to determine whether medical attention is required.
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What our clients say

Working with Curve to develop Baby Moves meant MCRI were involved every step of the way. The process of co-designing with the team meant we were working collaboratively and felt supported in our requests. We saw a gap in the current processes that technology could bridge and it was great to work with Curve to achieve our goals
Alicia Spittle
Deputy Head of Physiotherapy Department, NHMRC
Ultimately, pairing with Curve on the AllergyPal project meant we were able to bring our idea to fruition with in-depth testing and a thoroughly collaborative approach. We felt like partners at every step of the way.
Professor Mimi Tang
The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne

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