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Optimise your organisation
‍with Health Technology

You know that digital technology is the next big thing in healthcare - but what does the ROI really look like? And how can amazing healthcare technology be commercialised in a way that benefits both you and your consumers?

We specialise in working with organisations to answer these questions so we can help you to become market leaders in digital healthcare - from understanding the market & building state-of-the-art products, all the way to successfully commercialising. 
Did you know

Did you know

Lives Impacted
Design Projects
You need a partner with an established track record
In healthcare, a strong track record matters - which is why we’re proud of the projects, publications and awards we’ve collected over the last 10+ years in business. Not only do we work within the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) as their in house innovation department, we’ve also worked alongside the AFL, Allergy Australia, the Telethon Kids Institute and many other health organisations to build products that make an impact.
You need commercialisation expertise
We understand how critical it is for health organisations to deliver innovative products to market,  to help establish your brand as a market leading innovator in digital health. In this realm, our results speak for themselves. We’ve successfully commercialised numerous digital products, including partnerships with the AFL and Pearson thanks to our deep market knowledge and strategic expertise. 
You need an innovation
We understand the importance of thinking beyond any one digital project to create an innovation pipeline through helping to embed a culture of innovation. Together we stay ahead of the digital curve with our digital solutions regularly attracting high net wealth investors and creating new income streams for the health organisations we work with.
You need technology professionals
The technology you choose matters - but that’s what we’re best at figuring out. We won’t waste your time with buzzwords and jargon. Instead, we’ll help you understand the requirements, costs and information to build your ideal digital healthcare solution and help to identify what technology is the best to help you achieve your goals.
You need flexibility
10 years experience has shown us that plans can change - that’s why we build all our digital healthcare products with room for flexibility. We build utilising Lean and Agile methodologies that have been created specifically for the digital health sector. We call it the Curve Way.