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Build Your Evidence Based
‍Digital Health Solution

You’re a dedicated researcher who knows that innovative technology solutions are the key to transforming your next project.

We work with researchers to build evidence based digital health solutions.

Whether that’s helping win your next grant submission, following strict clinical governance practices or translating your needs into the next award-winning health tech app - with 10+ years of award winning experience, we can help you find the best path to success.
Did you know

Did you know

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You need grant and funding expertise
We know securing the right funding is often key to getting a worthwhile digital health project off the ground. We’ve successfully applied for grants as the technology partner of Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Telethon Kids, the Australian Neuromuscular Network and many more.
We don’t just help you estimate your technology requirements for any grant application; we also help you write it and optimise it for the best chance for success.
You require a deep understanding of healthcare research 
We understand the intricacies of research requirements and have built numerous digital healthcare products and apps that require HREC approval and strict adherence to clinical governance practices. 
You need clarity on IP regulations and data security
How you collect, store and own data is important and we understand that healthcare data is extremely sensitive, which is why we employ only the most up-to-date and robust data protection methods. We can help you understand each aspect of your digital data collection and how to optimise it for the ultimate in patient privacy and digital data security.
You need technology professionals
The technology you choose matters - but that’s what we’re best at figuring out. We won’t waste your time with buzzwords and jargon. Instead, we’ll help you understand the requirements, costs and information to build your ideal digital healthcare solution and help to identify what technology is the best to help you achieve your goals.
You need a long term digital partner
We’ll be here to guide your digital clinical trial every step of the way. And with our experience successfully launching digital products, we know how to get your digital healthcare trial out to your target market. But we don’t stop there - with our army of Curvers on standby, we take post project support seriously and will be around to make sure things keep running smoothly, long after your solution is first launched.